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Portugal has been making wine since 2000 BC, and their wine industry today dosplays much of that history. With over 250 native grape varieties, Portugal has so much diversity that it is almost daunting to learn about. This box will give you a snapshot of the country through the lens of two of it's most iconic wine regions: Vinho Verde (Minho) & Douro. Don't bother looking for grapes like Pinot Noir, Cabernet, or Chardonnay in portgual, because most of the wines made here are from varieties like Touriga National, Arinto, Touriga France, and more!


Wines in this box (subject to change based on availability):

-Asnella Single Vineyard Vinho Verde

-Luis Seabra Xisto Ilimitado Branco

-Fitapreta Touriga Vai Nua

-Nieport Twisted Tinto


Each box will contain a mixture of red, white, and possibly rose wine from throughout Portugal.


Orders placed by Tuesday each week, can be available for pickup that Friday from 3-7 pm. Gorge delivery may be arranged with Matt by emailing

Portuguese Intro Box (red & White) -4 bottle

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