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We love wine! That may seem obvious, but we don't think it can be said enough how much we REALLY love wine. We truly believe it is one of the most fascinating, versatile, and interesting things in the world. For us, wine has the incredible ability to offer people their own unique experience and relationship with what they are drinking. It can provide a sense of travel, learning about far-off cultures and regions. It can be a way to tell stories of individuals with different passions and perspectives. It can help bring people together for occasions and celebration. However you like to enjoy wine, we invite you to Wyn House to indulge, learn, and join a community of dedicated wine lovers. 

Wyn House is a vision of Matt Ash. After working in the industry for the past decade, Matt has gained incredible experience, but noticed a needed opportunity. He wanted a connecting hub for those like himself, wine lovers who are looking for a community to learn and explore together. So the dream of Wyn House came to reality. We look forward to inviting imbibers in the Columbia River Gorge and beyond to join us in our series of classes, events, and wine packages and come together for the love of wine.

Bragging rights: Matt is also a WSET Level 3, or as his wife puts it, a certified wine nerd of the highest degree.

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